If you run a household or a business your goal should be to cut your costs.  Before we can cut those costs we need to know what they are: “How much does it cost to: own or rent my home, to heat it, to keep it clean and my personal favorite, how much to insure it?”

Running a business if of course a bit more complicated but the same thought process applies.

Your Doctors and your Hospitals are businesses.  They need to factor their costs before they know how much to charge you for the services they provide. They need to have buildings or offices, desks, chairs, heat, light etc.  They also have some very expensive “Stuff” like: X-ray machines, MRIs, Operating rooms and a lot of other things that we mere mortals have no idea of.  They also need to pay all of those people as well.

Oh yes, lets not forget the “Author’s” favorite subject, Insurance.  You know what it’s called, Medical Malpractice.  It costs a bunch, and no, we don’t sell it.  I do know at least one thing about it and so do you. The more you use Insurance the more it costs.  The more an Insurance Co. pays out, the more it costs.  No moral judgment here.

I was once told by an attorney that there actually 3 parties to a law suit: the plaintiff, the defendant and the attorneys.  Some time the plaintiff wins. Some time the defendant wins. But the attorneys always win.  Look, I’m not saying that Medical Malpractice isn’t real and I am certainly not saying that lawyers are unnecessary.  Lawyers provide an indispensable service and deserve their fees.  Like it or not, there are situations where the injured party will not receive what they are entitled to with out the services of an attorney.

My point here (sorry to take so long to get to it) is simple, you can not ignore the cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance if you are serious about addressing the cost of Medical Care.

Our lawmakers seem to have attacked every reason for the cost of Healt Care but appear very reluctant to address this issue as a significant factor.  Could it be because only our Law Makers can change laws and most of our Law Makers are lawyers?  Who can say for sure?