First of all, are we talking about the quality of Health Care or the cost of Health Insurance?
If you see your Dr. and He or She can’t properly treat your illness, that is poor health care quality.
If you can’t see your Dr. because you can’t afford Health Insurance, we have a different problem. The media seems to be skillfully inter-changing the two issues.
Since we are A.J. Venezia, Ins. Services and not Dr. “V”, I can only address Health Ins. issues.
First of all, this stuff is very expensive. No argument here.
Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, good for him. The more it cost the more he makes”. Well, you’ve got me here. Health Ins. is a very small part of what our Agency does but we do earn commissions when we provide it.
From this point on, I will try to voice my thoughts with out imposing any value judgments. You can always let me know if I have crossed the line.
Since we serve the Ins. needs for many businesses, we often get calls from people who need our help to start a new business.

We have an advantage here.  Over 30 years of experience working with seasoned and newly established businesses give us a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t work.  Most of these new entrepreneurs have put together a pretty accurate business plan.  Once we analyze their business insurance needs we can advise what types of insurance they do and do not need: stock, workers compensation, auto etc.  They can then estimate the cost of insurance and plug this expense into their business plan.

Stay with me here. I really am getting to my point.

The panic sets in as soon as we discuss the cost of Health Ins. Even if their new business will not require them to initially hire any employees, they will need to protect themselves and their families.  Most of them have health ins. provided by their current employer.

Ok, here is my point. In many cases the cost of Health Insurance (often costing more than all of their other insurance together) is so expensive that this new business will Never be started!

“How does that affect me”? you may say.  Let’s take a look at the simple circle of economics.  Hold on, this is not as mysterious as the Media and our Political Leaders would like us to believe. Simply put: this is a business that may never start.  Will never hire new employees. Will never rent that store or office space. Will never buy the desks, chairs, computers, cars etc. Oh, by the way it is not going to need to buy any insurance from us either. We can go on an on but you’re smart enough to think it through.

That new business could have been one more little engine driving our economy.  The cost of Health Ins. has just poured sand into that engine.