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The Insurance Agent looks at 2 sides of the Health Care Issue.

The ” Insurance Agent” has received comments suggesting that he is biased. Well, tell me someone who isn’t. Seriously Health Care is a hot issue and we all have some feelings about it one way or another. It has always been my intention to be as factual as possible and let you come to your […]

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An Insurance Agent’s thoughts on Healt Care Costs

If you run a household or a business your goal should be to cut your costs.  Before we can cut those costs we need to know what they are: “How much does it cost to: own or rent my home, to heat it, to keep it clean and my personal favorite, how much to insure […]

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An Insurance Agent’s Thoughts on Health Care

First of all, are we talking about the quality of Health Care or the cost of Health Insurance? If you see your Dr. and He or She can’t properly treat your illness, that is poor health care quality. If you can’t see your Dr. because you can’t afford Health Insurance, we have a different problem. […]

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