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As a business owner, we understand it sometimes feels as if your main task is worrying. You worry about growth, the bottom line, income, employees and your customers. We know this because we also run our own business. Worrying about our clients' business is our business.

Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy about Insurance is Simple.

Most businesses do not understand it, don't want to pay for it and NEVER want to use it.

But we all agree that it is a NECESSARY EVIL!

Our Promise


For over 35 years we have kept a simple promise to our clients.

We promise that you will always understand what you are paying for. We have learned that no two businesses are alike, and as such, we take the time to understand the different aspects of your specific business. Because you need to be confident your business is protected before, not after a loss.

What it all comes down to is this: If we are standing together in a parking lot looking at a pile of debris that was once your business, we must know for certain that there are enough zeros on the check for you to completely rebuild.

The Typical Scenario


It's time to renew the insurance again. What is all of this stuff? Well it must be okay. Alright, how much is it this year? Maybe next year I'll make some time to get a second opinion.

If this has been your approach to your insurance, you're not alone. But this line of thinking is the prime reason that most businesses are wasting dollars, and even worse, don't have the right Protection Program.

Most of us are optimists (we wouldn't be running a business if we were not), so how many of us actually contemplate the unthinkable ever happening?

Optimistic or not, I have stood side by side with a client watching the flames engulf, what was several hours ago, a second generation business.

You should never pay for more than you need - but you can never afford to have less than you need. Each and every business is different and the same is true of insurance companies. Some will be a better fit than others. We will match your business with a company that provides you with the right coverage at the lowest possible price.

What Makes Us Different


Over 35 years of experience has afforded us a solid understanding of how to best protect you and your business. Our agency will help you develop plans to reduce the probability of losses or claims. The formula is simple: Lower Losses = Lower Premiums.

The Solution


Give a call or send us an email. We will be happy to give you a second opinion. We will make you one further promise: You will sleep a bit better.

Angelo and Rebekah Venezia


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