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If you have clicked this far, you probably have some questions.

First question is most likely: "Ok, who are you?"

We are Rebekah and Angelo Venezia. I gave you our first names because I want to make a point.

Angelo Venezia Rebekah Venezia

When our clients call, the first words out of their mouths are their names - not their policy numbers.

For over 35 years we have taken the time to know our clients, their families and their needs.

Second: "Ok. What can you do for me, and more specifically, can you save me any money?"

In most cases the answer is yes. But that is not an easy promise to make. What we will promise you is the commitment we have given to our Clients for over three decades:

Provide the lowest price for the best protection.

Explain what you are paying for. Explain what you have.

Offer suggestions based upon our 35 years of experience.

I have stood with a client next to her home in the middle of the night while watching flames consuming a neighbor's home. She had a lot of worries that night, but being able to re-build her home was not one of them.

If you have stayed with us this far we hope you are thinking … What do we have to lose?

We understand your thought process - It's important to be able to replace your car. It gets you to work. Being able to replace your home, furniture, clothes, computers etc.; it's a no brainer. You need a place to live.

You'll get no argument from us. But you have much more to lose than your car and home.

If we asked you what you thought your home and cars are worth, you won't have much difficulty in coming close. But if we asked "What is the most you can lose if you are sued?" It will take you a bit longer to answer. In fact: There is no answer.


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