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Has the Storm of the Decade damaged your home?

If you have noticed water on the inside of your home when it should be on the out side, or if you notice water spots on your ceiling your home has most likely been a victim of the “Storm of the Century”  Makes you long for global warming dosen’t it? Before we talk about what […]

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How much is my home worth?

Prices are up!  Or are they down? “How about my house?” Have you asked yourself that question lately?  My neighibor just sold her home for $400,000. It is identical to mine but my tax bill says it is worth $290,000.  “I just checked my Homeowners Policy, it lists my home at $350,000. Which is correct?” […]

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Insurance 101

We all need it. We all buy it. Most of us dislike it. Very few really understand it. Please allow me to give you the text book answer. “Insurance is a Social Device that allows for the management of an Unforeseen Fortuitous Event” Wow! Big words but a pretty simple concept. Fortuitous: accidental Unforeseen: I […]

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