Folks, this is really important stuff. These scores will actually effect what you will pay for your Insurance Premium.

” Many insurance companies believe that credit scores help them underwrite better.This is because insurance companies have shown that a direct relationship exists between a person’s credit score and that person’s likelihood to file a claim. In other words, the better the credit score, the fewer the claims filed.

“The Insurance Agent” is a bit lazy. He decided to bore you once again with page after page of dull albeit (oops. getting a bit fancy, but my readers can handle it) important stuff.

Since the Commonwealth of Virginia Bureau of Insurance has a great explanation on their web site, “The Insurance Agent” will simply refer you to it saving him from blabbing and you from yawing.

Please check out this Site. “Hey you don’t expect me to do everything for you do you?’  “Just Kidding but please do take the time to check it out, it’s your hard earned dollars.”