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Why do I need an Independent Insurance Agent? Here’s a C.L.U.E

Ok, here comes more Insurance babble. What is C.L.U.E.? Well, it’s not a board game, that’s Clue. C.L.U.E. stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange. “That’s Nice. So what is it?” Simply put, it is a network of information used by your Insurance Co. to report losses. This information is shared by other Insurance Companies. The […]

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The Insurance Agent asks: Can Pre-existing Conditions be covered?

Of course they can! Simple answer, isn’t it?  But we do have to consider those nasty probabilities.  No!  “The Insurance Agent” is not going to bore you again.  You will just have to re-read his last blog.  For now, let’s just say that if a condition exists now, it is probable that it will continue to […]

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The Insurance Agent looks at 2 sides of the Health Care Issue.

The ” Insurance Agent” has received comments suggesting that he is biased. Well, tell me someone who isn’t. Seriously Health Care is a hot issue and we all have some feelings about it one way or another. It has always been my intention to be as factual as possible and let you come to your […]

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