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We will serve your needs as your Personal Insurance Consultant.

We know that sometimes you want someone whose sole purpose is to look after your Business needs. With our consulting services, you don't need to worry about someone trying to sell you something... We will tell you in plain English where you are exposed to problems and provide you with solutions to those "What Ifs".

During our 30+ Years in Commercial Insurance, we probably have encountered some, "What Ifs" you have never thought of. We know that your business is important to you. We can make sure that you have the protection you need so you can do what you love to do; worry about profits!

We Will:

Survey your Business Insurance Needs
Review your Current Insurance Plan
Explain your Current Coverage (In plain English), so there are no surprises in the event you do have a loss
If needed, we will redesign your Plan - making additions or improvements according to your wishes
We will work with your existing Insurance Agent

"Have a question? Send us an email and we'll get you the answer."


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